Saturday, August 13, 2011


Wow... I just can't believe how fast this summer as completely disappeared! School begins again in two weeks and I'm pretty sure I'm not really ready to begin daily homework and early morning Seminary again! GAH! Here's a sampling of this summer!! This first one has Parker and Braden enjoying a ride at Knott's Berry Farm... FUN!!

Baby horses being born... AMAZING to see new little creatures coming into the world!

Mud Run... also amazing to realize just how dirty one can get!!

Daughter works as an assistant groom at Arabian Horse Youth Nationals and her barn-mate wins National Champion!!!

Fountain fun... just before the security guard told us we weren't allowed to have fun in the water. Sigh!

Celebrating with my kids... I got a job where I can earn hours toward my licensing as Marriage and Family Therapist after searching for a year! WOOHOO!

Fun with Grandparents at Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego!

Fun with other grandparents in Sonoma, CA!!

For me personally... THIS new development is extremely satisfying... DATING!! Amazing how much MORE enjoyable the process is when you know what you want and what you like!!

Life is good... really, really good!! I am excited to see what new experiences and memories are to be made this Fall!! :)