Sunday, June 12, 2011

Number Two (but really Number One!) Graduates!

My second son passed through one of life's milestone's this past week... the all consuming High School Graduation! I say it's Number Two but really Number One because my oldest son was homeschooled for part of high school, then went off to junior college to finish up before transferring to BYU. We never had a graduation event for him. So while this is my second child to reach this age, it was the first time that extended family gathered from all over the state to celebrate this fine young man and join together in acknowledging his hard work and accomplishment!

Now, aside from the usual stress and insanity of graduation festivities, this gathering gave me little more angst than it normally would have; it was the first time since I separated a year and a half ago that I was going to see some ex-in-laws. I just wasn't sure how it was all going to feel, some I hadn't seen in years...I am happy to say, that everyone of us was able to focus on the young man at hand, celebrate for and with him and leave any of our personal opinions at the side of the road and get on board with this great adventure! It was a delightful day... and my son even said THANK YOU to those family members for coming down, and at one point I was able to catch my ex's sight, gave him a smile, a nod, and a thumbs up as our boy had just received his diploma, he returned the smile... and it was a very, very good day!