Sunday, May 29, 2011


Having avoided the traditional high school activities most of his 4 years at the school, my second son decided to change things up and go to Prom! Here's his absolutely lovely date... What a GORGEOUS couple!! They had an amazing night with lots of friends! So fun to see him enjoying this final days of high school!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wisdom Teeth Extractions!

Poor boy...four impacted wisdom teeth at once. One was so impacted it needed to be broken up into 3 pieces! Poor's how we kept track of our medicine dispensary! Three different meds, different times, etc. This way...once he's coherent and I've got to go to work...we both know when he took what!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Ups and Downs...Happy Mother's Day!

I think one of the greatest things we can learn in life - is that our only guarantee is the impermanence of's always changing! Being divorced and making the related choices and adjustments has given me such amazing opportunities to learn this concept; to learn how to truly meet my own emotional needs, to trust God that His plan for me is going to play out when I can get out of my own way enough to let it happen, and to enjoy all that this life has to offer me...because it's never the same and it's usually NOT what I thought it was going to be! This past week has been a rough one, there are many MORE changes that will be occurring in my life this coming year and, honestly, they scare me. So...for today....I'll focus on what makes me happy!

My only daughter is finishing up her Freshman year at our local public high school. She has auditory and visual processing disorder, experiences severe cognitive delays and was homeschooled her entire life until this past year. She LOVES high school...and her favorite class has been Mixed Choir (this pic is her before her first concert this past year). She was thinking about trying out for the next year's Concert Choir but wasn't sure. After some conversations about it - she decided to try out. We talked about how to handle the nerves and the benefits of trying new things. Her audition had to be postponed until after our Spring Break due to a severe cold she experienced. More pep talks!! Well....she went back to school, auditioned.... She sang Silent Night a'capella, had to sight read a new song and perform some various skill drills during the tryout... And MADE CONCERT CHOIR for next year! She is SO excited! I am thrilled to see her taking on the uncertainties of her life, trying new things, working through her fears. She inspires me to do the same!

My youngest child, my third son... is in 4th Grade. In California, that is the year you work on your state history. This year's project requires they take some California monument, structure or event and make the report, storyboard and diorama...he chose Knott's Berry Farm when it was really a berry farm and Wild West experience! We gathered all the supplies, then one night last week began constructing the diorama. WHAT FUN we had together! We surprised ourselves and got it done in one evening! All that is left is inserting pictures for the background. He did all the work himself with the exception of some difficult hot glue gun placement!! :) He just kept saying the whole time we were working on it, "Thanks for doing this with me, Mom...this is FUN!" This kid just makes me smile!

My second son is 17 years old. He's just about to graduate high school, which has been the bane of his existence. He's getting his wisdom teeth out, going to Prom, going to Senior Breakfast and a day at Raging Waters, graduating, and going to Grad Night...all within the next month! Oh yeah...and working part-time as well. The best part about my relationship with this boy, is that he's a man-boy...and our relationship is changing into more of an adult-style relationship. He's confused about a lot of things right now and this time of his life is giving him plenty to think about. It's wonderful to see him developing into a person that is capable of thinking and making his own choices (whether or not I actually AGREE with them!). When he smiles and laughs, he takes the whole room with him!!

My oldest child, a currently living in Panama in Central America serving as Mormon missionary. He has been on his mission for one year and has another year to go. He attempted to go out on his mission in May of 2009, re-injured a knee in the Missionary Training Center and had to take the next year to endure reconstructive ACL knee surgery as well as meniscus repair. It was a horrible year for him. With JOY, he returned to the MTC in May of 2010 and finally hit Panama in July of last year. It was a rough adjustment, but he LOVES serving the people in Panama. He is currently the Financial Secretary for the entire mission of 200 missionaries. He works in the office now during the day and is still able to proselyte in the evenings. Here he is at Christmas time - they took two beds and several bags of toys to two families living in a remote jungle community. It took them hours to traverse through a mud jungle. Here they are about to cross a river...HOW they got BEDS across this tiny little bridge? Well...some things are just better for a mother NOT to know! :)

THESE are the four reasons I have joy in an uncertain world. I won't agree with all their choices, I don't know WHAT their future holds, what God's plan is for them in their lives. What I DO that my love for them knows no bounds. Each of them brings something beautiful and unique to my life and I am enriched and immensely blessed simply by being their mother. This is reason to celebrate! Happy Mother's Day to you all!